Quality Is Never
A Coincidence

In modern business, long-term success depends on quality that is being offered. Our company and success are inseparable.

Mebel Group

Our Quality Policy:

  • Keep in line with customer needs and demands inorder to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfication,
  • support and participation by employess in the Quality Assurance System on all levels of production,
  • get the highest levels of results from the Quality Management System at the low cost,

  • To provide our customers with products and services that are internationally accepted ,
  • reassuring users to develop our product range in line with customer requirementsa and in an environmentally friendly way,
  • Employees adhere to the quality management system requirements and constant development ,

  • To open up markets abroad ,
  • To ensure tidy, clean and safe working environment ,
  • Following the technological developments , to remain ahead advances ,
  • Work in accordance with national laws and regulations .